Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Health Insurance Bills and the "Deeming" Process

I could not help myself anymore. As much as I want to stay away from the white house website, I just had to send an email to Mr. Obama to let him know how I feel about the health insurance bills currently in congress and their plan to use that demon 'deeming' process. At this point, I feel I have a right to voice my concerns and feelings and I have that freedom of speech, at least for now. Here's what I wrote:

"I am thoroughly disgusted with congress' plan to force a sham of a health insurance bill. I want reform to lower costs and provide coverage for as many people as possible--wanting reform has never been a disputed issue. However, the current bills DO NOT ensure lower costs to anyone and ARE detrimental to the health of our economy. Do you NOT hear me? THE BILLS DO NOT LOWER COSTS AND ARE DETRIMENTAL TO OUR ECONOMIC HEALTH. And, the 'deeming' process congress is threatening to use for passage of these pigs (bills) is unconscionable and borders on malfeasance. For you, sir, to agree with and support the use of this 'deeming' process is in itself an act of treason against our nation. You are a most disgusting and pathetic person. I pity your beautiful children who will, for years, be ridiculed for your mismanagement of our country and your folly."

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