Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why Health Reform Will Be a Danger to Passive Patients

This article, "Why Health Reform Will Be a Danger to Passive Patients," from U.S. News and World Report, written by Bernadine Healy, M.D., is an excellent 'MUST' read that discusses some of the much overlooked realities for individuals in ObamaCare legislation. Take the time to read the article in its entirely, you'll be more informed on what to expect. In a nutshell, as discussed in the article, this reform will be a danger to everyone, if personal responsibility is not accepted:

*eventually it will have all your medical information, from "sensitive and highly personal, such as past mental-health or marital issues or a distant history of illegal drug use or gonorrhea;"

*treatments will be based on comparative-effectiveness studies not individualized to your genetic make-up;

*a bureaucratic governmental committee will use information from a preventive task force not your specialty physician when ruling on preventive tests covered;

*heavy cuts in other programs and taxes on more affluent people will take effect to pay for about half of the funding requirements, but what is NOT known is the "impact on family budgets of mandates, premiums and copayments, other out-of-pocket costs, taxes, and fines;"

*the individual MUST take control in order to buy the best policy for themselves and manage insurance costs wisely.

Can Americans own-up to this heavy responsibility; as a friend of mine stated, "you can't legislate personal responsibility...and really, THAT is the only solution to the health care crisis."

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Letter From My Union, AFSCME, On Health Care Reform

Yesterday I received an email from the international president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), I've quoted it below. The link they provided takes one directly to a pre-texted email that goes directly to my House representative with words that basically say, vote FOR health care, blah blah blah... Fortunately, the pre-texted email allows you to change or add to the wording of the email going to my House representative. Since I am against this current farce of a bill that does not lower health care costs and takes our country down that slippery slope to a point of unsustainable debt and perhaps bankruptcy, I reworded my email; I've also quoted it below. I will say, however, that my representative is Darrell Issa (R-CA), and as you know from his many media appearances, he will vote 'no' on this bill (if there is a vote). We all need to take a stand AGAINST this effort. If you have not been able to call your representative, please do take the time to email them as well; or better yet, do both.

The email from AFSCME:

Dear Member,

This is the week we've been waiting for — the week when members of the House of Representatives choose to stand with us or the insurance companies.

The insurance industry operatives and Republican talking heads you see on cable TV say we need to start over and spend another year — or another decade — before we pass reform. They twist the facts to say that the public opposes reform, but what the public really opposes are attempts to water down or kill reform to keep the insurance companies happy.

AFSCME members like you are fighting the good fight and have been a critical voice for the past year in the health insurance reform debate. Together, we've made literally tens of thousands of phone calls and sent even more emails to our senators and representatives. The insurance industry has deep pockets and is doing all it can to kill reform — but we won't let them win. This is our moment.

The bill that the House will soon vote on would end the ability of insurance companies to deny coverage to those who have pre-existing conditions — or deny coverage when you get sick. It would require insurance companies to pay for preventive care. It would also allow parents to keep their unemployed children on their policies until they turn 26. And it would end taxpayer funded subsidies to Big Insurance.

The historic nature of this moment cannot be overstated. The opportunity to end insurance company abuses is a moment for which we have worked long and hard. It is a vote that will affect our children, and their children. Please take a moment now to contact your member of Congress. Tell him/her the time has come to stand up to the insurance companies. The time has come to pass health care reform.

Please go to: paign/stand_up_for_reform

Thanks to you, when the history books are written on this struggle, they will read: AFSCME was there.

In solidarity,

Gerald W. McEntee
International President

My email to my representative, Darrell Issa (R-CA):

It is time to end this insanity to take our state, our country, and our future over the cliff. You cannot continue to spend massive amounts of taxpayer dollars on this farce you call health care reform. You cannot enforce price controls on insurance companies without cutting the actual cost of health care provided by doctors and providers--it is foolish and ideological to think that you can, and this will only result in bankrupting insurance companies. It is insane and not logical to think that you will be able to control costs by enacting price controls on insurance companies alone.

There are real reforms that can be enacted; you can start with enacting tort reform laws, allow interstate buying of insurance, let people deduct their insurance costs as companies do now, allow health savings account deductions, provide refundable tax credits so individuals can buy their own insurance, and allow small business to pool together to buy insurance for employees in any state.

There are so many more SMARTER actions you can take. A vote FOR this maniacal action by you will equate to my vote AGAINST you in the next election. And, believe me, I will take every action necessary to build a populus to OUST you from your seat.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Health Insurance Bills and the "Deeming" Process

I could not help myself anymore. As much as I want to stay away from the white house website, I just had to send an email to Mr. Obama to let him know how I feel about the health insurance bills currently in congress and their plan to use that demon 'deeming' process. At this point, I feel I have a right to voice my concerns and feelings and I have that freedom of speech, at least for now. Here's what I wrote:

"I am thoroughly disgusted with congress' plan to force a sham of a health insurance bill. I want reform to lower costs and provide coverage for as many people as possible--wanting reform has never been a disputed issue. However, the current bills DO NOT ensure lower costs to anyone and ARE detrimental to the health of our economy. Do you NOT hear me? THE BILLS DO NOT LOWER COSTS AND ARE DETRIMENTAL TO OUR ECONOMIC HEALTH. And, the 'deeming' process congress is threatening to use for passage of these pigs (bills) is unconscionable and borders on malfeasance. For you, sir, to agree with and support the use of this 'deeming' process is in itself an act of treason against our nation. You are a most disgusting and pathetic person. I pity your beautiful children who will, for years, be ridiculed for your mismanagement of our country and your folly."