Wednesday, October 17, 2012


If you didn't watch the 2012 Presidential debate, you missed a great example of the ignorance and bias being perpetuated by the complicit media, specifically on the subject of Libya and the murder of four American citizens.  I feel obligated to comment on one of the more horrific missteps by the 'moderator,' such as she was, Candy Crowley:

It should be an embarrassment for Candy Crowley for her appalling behavior last night, instead of being a moderator, she inserted herself as an ignorant truly biased pundit coming to the rescue of the biggest liar, Barack Obama. He did not say in the Rose Garden that it was a terrorist act, five days later, on the talk shows. Ambassador Susan Rice continued the lie, as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had done in the Rose Garden, that it was a film about Muhammad; and for the next two weeks, there was no admission that it was a terrorist act. The American people deserve to know the truth, and having such an ignorant, biased, and truly incompetent "moderator," such as she was, on stage PERPETUATING THE LIE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE is absolutely unconscionable. Get a clue Candy, you were an absolute disgrace.

Now lets also consider what Barack said, that he was on the phone with his national security people immediately that night after the murders occurred. It then begs the question whether the entire Obama administration is truly incompetent! Were the national security people aware that it was a terrorist act? If the answer to that question is no, then it goes without saying, BARACK OBAMA AND HIS ENTIRE NATIONAL SECURITY, U.S. Department of State, AND Hillary Clinton ARE INCOMPETENT. If the answer to that question is yes, the national security team was aware it was a terrorist act, then the next statement is that Barack knew it was a terrorist act since he was on the phone with them within hours and he decided to politicize and spin the facts blaming a film that started the protests...EXCEPT THERE WERE NO PROTESTS AT ALL, ONLY THE ACTUAL ATTACK THAT MURDERED OUR AMERICAN ABMASSADOR AND THREE OTHER PEOPLE.

Candy Crowley, even as a pundit, you have pathetically failed; perhaps it is time for you to find another job, one that you can do better. And, one more thing, YOU OWE THE ENTIRE AMERICAN VIEWERSHIP AND MITT ROMNEY AN APOLOGY, FOR YOUR ABHORRENT BEHAVIOR, YOUR OBVIOUSLY BIASED BEHAVIOR, AND YOUR TRULY INACCURATE REPRESENTATION OF THE FACTS.