Monday, June 22, 2009

Letter to the President and Congressmen/Women on Healthcare

Our current health care system is at risk. I sent the following letter to my congressmen/women and the President. You can write to them also at or use your representatives' individual web pages to send them direct messages/emails.

President Obama, Senators Boxer and Feinstein, and Representative Issa,

I like my insurance coverage. I don't want any change to it nor do I want a public/government run health care program that will inevitably create an unsustainable deficit, increase our taxes, crowd out private insurers from the market, encourage employers to stop providing coverage, and quite possibly will lure employees from private insurance to the cheaper government option making it even more difficult for many of us who already pay for insurance to obtain affordable health care insurance. We are a democratic nation but our voices are being ignored and drowned out by politicians making decisions that will only benefit the small minority of people in the uninsured category.

The statistics speak for themselves (from: of the 45 million people without insurance, about 14 million qualify for Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP, veterans' benefits, etc., but are not enrolled and 9.1 million have incomes over $75,000 that can afford their own insurance buy choose not to buy or opt to pay as needed. Of the remaining half of the uninsured, 9.7 million are not citizens of this country. If we must providing insurance to the remaining 20 million uninsured people who really cannot afford insurance, then I think there are more viable alternatives to this over-reaching, over-priced, taxpayer funded, single payer system being forced onto us. One of the more viable alternatives is discussed by George Will at, and it suggests a refundable tax credit or a debit card system that would not cost taxpayers an enormous amount of taxes. The government could compete contracts with over 1000 private health insurance companies to get the best price for insuring the true 20 million uninsured people.

Please vote smartly, thoroughly review and discuss all alternatives before making decisions, and discuss these issues with all parties in the Senate and the House. Consider our economic health, the predictable ramifications of a single payer system, and do not levy a burdensome tax on already strained wages and businesses that are struggling to survive and keep our economy going. Stop the incessant direction toward socializing our nation; this is not what our forefathers intended for our nation.

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