Thursday, June 18, 2009

Greta's "The Competition"

Several days ago Greta Van Susteren tweeted that she was giving away a pedometer to the first five people to contact her assistant. My thought was that I never win anything, but I would call anyway to see what would happened. Guess what, I won! Although I wasn't quite sure what this was leading to, I figured, what the heck, I could use a pedometer since I had recently started walking a few days a week with my neighbor. Today, Greta posted:

June 18, 2009 05:26 PM EDT
THE COMPETITION: Check this out!!

A quick note....I sent out 5 pedometers to 5 GretaWire bloggers (I asked them to come up with code names so we could remember them)...I want to start a competition among them for daily steps and here is day #1:

(by the way, pick your person to cheer for below....and just because TYG Mint is behind on day one doesn't mean that TYG Mint is not going to bolt ahead tomorrow!!!)

Alamogirl - 9,030.

Girl Scout- 7,300

The TYG Mint- 4,856

Deltagrace- 7,840

Still waiting for Texasroots

UPDATE 6:21 ..below is an email my assistant just received from "Girl Scout" puts pressure on the others!

To: Verducci, Kara
Sent: Thu Jun 18 17:58:31 2009
Subject: Saw the Blog

Kara, I just read Greta Wire. Wow!!! I feel my competitive nature kicking in! I don't blog under girlscout but I do tweet under the username ******

Off to the park for a ... what else but ... A WALK! I am so excited. Really pumped up!

And, as "girlscout" touts, my competetive nature has also kicked in; nothing like a good competition to get the blood pumping. I'm code name "Deltagrace" and I'm in.

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