Monday, July 6, 2009

Civil Discourse Needed

I know what you’re all thinking, here she goes again with the political conservative ranting. But after reading the article by Clyde Middleton, I also have the same questions. As he expresses in the article, the answer “I won” just isn’t an appropriate solution to the perceived or actual outcome that may result from legislation being forced on many of us. Our elected officials should be having some civil discourse regarding the ramifications of their legislation, especially as it relates to our deteriorating economy. Below is a brief section I’m quoting from Mr. Middleton’s article, but, if you can, please take the time to read the entire article by Mr. Middleton, entitled "Liberals, libtards, and a proffered solution," at And, please don’t just think, ‘here we go again, a typical conservative.’ To me, as with Mr. Middleton, it is more of a “look, I’m not dumping on you. I just don’t get it. I don’t understand why you won’t sit at the table and openly discuss these things.”

“For any liberal or libtard reading, explain to me why Obama can run deficits dwarfing W’s, yet W was an out-of-control spender. Explain to me why W’s “surge” in Iraq was bad, yet Obama’s “surge” in Afghanistan is good. Explain to me why you all screamed at W’s “overseas secret prisons for terrorists” yet are silent now that Obama said he will keep them open and functioning. Explain to me why 45 million “uninsured” is actually 6 million, yet you don’t correct him. Explain to me why the icecaps on Mars have receded and grown in sync with those on Earth, yet the “problem” here in man-made. Explain to me how you are going to pay the $1,000 annual fine for not accepting Obama’s health insurance. Explain to me how you will deal with your parent or child in pain as they lay dying because drug therapy has been rationed in precisely the same fashion it is rationed in every single socialized-medical system in use today. Explain to me how you can complain about Medicare and Medicaid today, yet it’s perfectly fine for Obama to expand those poorly functioning programs to every American. Explain to me why it is such a big deal to require someone that wants to vote being required to present a photo ID first. Explain to me why I have to produce a birth certificate to get a driver’s license, but Obama doesn’t have to produce one to be POTUS. Explain to me your feelings about having to buy your food from a grocery instead of the local farmer because the latest bill going through Congress will create such compliance problems that small farmers will not have the money to comply. Explain to me, on that same note, why we don’t respect religion by requiring that every farmer – the Amish included – be required to file all of those farm-compliance documents electronically. Explain to me why it doesn’t bother you that the Waxman-Markey bill will require you to upgrade your home to federally dictated energy standards before you can sell it. Explain to me why it doesn’t bother you that the federal government is going to make it a crime for putting more than 60 watts cumulative in your chandelier. And if any of these specifics are unfamiliar to you, then explain THAT to me.”


  1. if they're following you or reading your posts they must agree with you so don't worry bout ranting. We need to rant.

  2. We need to rant and rave! We need for all Americans to wake up! WE are under attack by our own government! We don't have to worry about foreign countries destroying America! Washington is doing just fine without their help! I say if they pass this legislation on Cap and Trade now that the EPA report is out, I determine that to be a direct declaration of WAR on the People of the United States!

  3. Good post and great idea, it's tough to get people to risk for freedom today and it's becoming required with each day with this guy and his band of Czars.